I’m a software developer and a language specialist.

As a software developer, though I’m good at and coded in other languages and operating systems, I’m passionate about C and Linux. I worked in Artificial Intelligence domain in research labs and programmed industrial cameras for research oriented usage.

As a language specialist, I’m good at English and French and learned basic German and worked in IT enabled service oriented domains.

I’m also an amateur linguist (Oh, I love languages). My mother tongues are Tamil and Kannada and know little Malayalam, all belong to Dravidian language family. As for Indo-European language family I’m little bit familiar (not at the level of speaking or understanding, but familiarity in one form or another) with Hindi, Sanskrit, Italian, Spanish, Icelandic, Polish, Dutch, Russian and Greek. I know an awful lot of tongue twisters in some of those languages :). I love to learn a Finno-Ugric language like Finnish or Estonian or Hungarian or other languages like Chinese or Korean or Arabic, but, well, my head is already exploding.