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nVidia graphics card troubles:

As mentioned in my previous post (Configuring Fedora 15) everything works fine except:

  1. System freezes after coming back from console mode. i.e.: by pressing ALT+CTRL+FN+F2 (F2, F3, …, F6 are console modes) and back to ALT+CTRL+FN+F1 (GUI X Window mode). [Rectified automatically. Hope this problem won’t resurface again]
  2. System freezes after lid close and lid open (this happens mainly after a long pause). [Rectified automatically. Hope this problem won’t resurface again]
  3. Message Tray” – bottom one and bottom right corner – displays identical icons for different applications. This happened mainly after updating to nVidia 275.09.07.

Configuring Bluetooth:

Due to a bug in Fedora 15, Bluetooth is not enabled by default. To enable issue:

$ sudo systemctl status bluetooth.service

$ sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service

$ sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service

Check this documentation for a complete list.

1) To send and browse files on remote devices:

Ensure the packages gvfs-obexftp, nautilus, nautilus-sendto and gnome-bluetooth are installed. If not issue a “sudo yum install“ command.

To configure your (mobile) devices go to Panel > User > System Preferences > Bluetooth and press “+”. To browse or send files go to the Panel , click on Bluetooth Icon, under drop down menu select your device and select either “Browse files” or “Send files”.

2) To receive/share files via your mobile devices:

To install required package issue:

$ sudo yum install gnome-user-share

Go to Applications > Other > Personal File Sharing Preferences and check “Share Files over Bluetooth” and “Receive Files over Bluetooth”.

My “LG Renoir” is paired with my system. Everything works perfectly except “Receiving Files from my Mobile”. It stops at 3% and then fails. My system does not display the “Confirmation Window” and “gnome-user-share” stays in the “Message Tray” doing nothing.

3) Configuring Bluetooth Headset:

Check this link. I have no luck at all configuring my “DELL BH200Bluetooth Headset. Everything seems like working perfect. It got paired, but immediately after that got switched off automatically. And then I switched it on and tried to connect (since it is already paired). Again it got automatically switched off. Bizarre. Bizarre!!!


Everything, I mean everything, works out of the box.

I can access Ethernet, WiFi, my LG Renoir’s Mobile network (Airtel) over Bluetooth, and my BSNL 3G Data Card (Huawei E169G USB Modem with 7.2 Mbps) without any trouble.

Though, it seems there are some problems with Huawei USB Modem. Sometimes the status is not properly displayed or not getting connected immediately, etc.

Trackpad and Mouse:

Trackpad works out of the box. But it’s an ultimate pain in neck. It’s not working as smoothly as it does in Mac OS X or in Windows.

Anyway, to configure your Trackpad and Mouse, don’t use Panel > User > System Preferences > Mouse and Trackpad. Instead install GPointing. Issue:

$ sudo yum install gpointing-device-settings

To open it, go to Applications > Other > Pointing Devices. It has much more controls than the default one. It lists your Mouse by name.

I finally managed to configure “Double Tap – Lock – Drag with single finger – Double Tab – Unlock” feature. To have somewhat control over your Trackpad, go to “Speed Tab” set Minimum speed as slow as possible and Maximum speed as fast as possible. Bit of relaxation indeed!!!

Function keys:

Works out of the box. No complaints there.

Microphone and Headphone:

Works out of the box after configuring soundcard.

But I have trouble recording via External Mic (Sony) through Line In in Audacity. It records only in Mono (Left). Internal Mic works just perfect. Switching between Internal Speakers and Headphone works perfect as well.


Works out of the box.

Keyboard Backlight:

Works out of the box. But Keyboard LED is automatically Switched On on every System Start, Log in, Lid Open, Power Adapter connection, etc. And I wanted not to correct it.

Battery Power Management:

Works out of the box. It shows both my MacBook Pro and Logitech Mouse battery levels.

In fact Fedora saved my MacBook Pro from a damaged battery.

The story is that few months ago, I was using only Mac OS X for quite a while. I started to experience very low battery time. There was no warning or anything in Snow Leopard. One day I accidentally logged in to my Fedora 14. It announced that that my battery is condemned and it’s time to change it. So, I removed it and kept it aside for verifying it later. Next day I found the battery got swollen and thus breaking the case and everything. One of the three battery packs has swollen exactly like a Bullfrog. It was a scary thing to see.

Had it not been Fedora, I would have lost my MacBook Pro to a swollen condemned battery.

Thank you Fedora!

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